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Pentagon Hunting Underground Wikileaks Founder, iPhone 4 Pixel Quarrel

hunting julian assange

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....

  • With help from former hacker Adrian Lamo, authorities recently nabbed the man responsible for divulging an inordinate amount of classified videos, documents and communications to whistleblower site Wikileaks. Now, federal officials just need to keep the site from publishing its supposed supply of 230,000 military and government cables. The Pentagon faces a difficult task, though, because Wikileaks is based in Sweden, and founder Julian Assange seems to have completely disappeared. [From: The Daily Beast]
  • Public access to technology seems limited, slow and heavily censored in North Korea, particularly through the state-run Internet and depressing, oppressive video game arcades. Despite those limitations -- and U.S. trade embargoes -- the nation actually holds a place among the world's most popular outsourcing destinations. North Korea now hosts multiple IT firms which each employ thousands and perform a variety of services, including, apparently, the production of international iPhone apps. [From: PC World via Gizmodo]
  • Google's 8-year-old policy of generating its News search results "entirely by computer algorithms without human editors" comes to a close today. The site is incrementally launching an Editor's Picks experiment, which will tap into the rich resources of the Washington Post, Reuters, Newsday, Slate and other sources. [From: Nieman Journalism Lab]
  • During the introduction of the iPhone 4, Apple head honcho Steve Jobs claimed that, from "10 to 12 inches away," the human eye cannot discern individual pixels on the gadget's advanced screen. The declaration ruffled some feathers in the tech industry though, with some labeling it as "false marketing." A Former Hubble camera technician and optics expert weighed in, saying that for consumers with "average eyesight, the picture will look just fine" and not pixelated. [From: Discover Magazine and Kottke]
  • Last year, folks over 30 represented the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, and baby boomer users (between the ages of 55 and 65) drastically declined during roughly the same period. Those fickle 50-somethings currently seem to be pouring back into social networking sites, though, as more than 25-percent of people 50 and over reportedly embarrass their kids and grandkids on Facebook, Twitter and other similar services. [From: Reuters]
  • Director Michael Bay has reaffirmed what moviegoers knew long ago -- that 'Transformers 2' pretty much sucked. He has reportedly acquiesced that the convoluted "dorky comedy" suffered from the writers' strike, and has stated that, with the upcoming third installment, the franchise (mercifully) "really ends." [From: io9]

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