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Google Adds User Photos to Street View, The Voice of Mario

Google Street View
There's a load of great tech news happening out there every day, and, unfortunately, we just can't cover it all. Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.
  • Google added user photos to Street View (much like Microsoft's Photosynth technology). You'll be able to bring up real photographs as you 'stroll' through Street View maps. [From: Google LatLong blog]
  • It's him, Mario! BBC Radio 1 reveals Charles Martinet has been the voice behind Mario, Luigi, Wario and more Nintendo characters for the last two decades. [From: BBC Radio One]
  • The Twitter: Criterion Collection crew is back for a second round of the best filmed tweets. Each submission can be 30 seconds or less, and attempts to capture the inner meaning in the filmmakers' favorite tweets. [From: Vimeo]
  • For the next few weeks, dining, work and everything else take the back seat for billions of football fans. Just give in and outfit your browser with FIFA plugins, tournament homepage bookmarks and all the latest scores. [From: The Official Google blog]
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