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Test Your Ability to Focus in the Face of Digital Distractions

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that some scientists are claiming our ability to focus has been affected by phone calls, tweets, e-mails, text messages and so on. According to these studies -- as well as Nicholas Carr's books and blogs -- we've become a nation that can't ignore day-to-day digital distractions to get a simple job done.

Has a constant stream of information hurt our ability to focus on a given task? To find out, try out The New York Times's online two-part test, which measures your ability to focus while handling multiple distractions and your ability to juggle multiple tasks. Sounds simple enough, especially for those of you who think you can juggle a flood of incoming Tweets, texts, Growl alerts and more, but you might just be surprised by your results. [From: The New York Times]

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