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Mantaray iTar Slaps iPad onto Charmless Keytar-Like 'Instrument'

mantaray itar
We've covered a lot of ridiculous DIY instruments on this site, and, for the most part, we're big fans. But this... this... whatever it is just makes us angry. Then again, this guy could try to sell us a foolproof cure for cancer and we probably wouldn't bite. Maybe it's the goatee that makes him look like a roadie for Filter, or the exaggerated widow's peak. [Ed. note: That'd be a devil lock, Terrence.] Or perhaps it's his voice, which sounds much like Vincent Price narrating an infomercial.

VJ Franz K's creation, the Mantaray iTar, allows you to mount an iPad alongside smaller synth and effects units, like the Korg Kaoss pad. In concept, it takes the iPad from an over-sized iPod touch into a serious musical device. In practice, it kind of just functions like a keytar without any of the retro, ironic cool.

Franz K even plans to build and sell the iTar in limited quantities. The first one off the assembly line (or, his bedroom floor) is being offered for $225. Check out the video below to see the iTar in action. Bonus points if you can sit through the whole thing. [From: YouTube, via: Ubergizmo]

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