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Old Lady Calls Tech Support About Google's 'Pac-Man,' Makes Our Week

old lady versus pacmanThe word "adorable" doesn't do justice to the telephone conversation you're about to hear. An old woman named Lorraine recently called a tech-support hotline to ask how to "disable" the annoyingly noisy Pac-Man display that Google embedded on its home page a couple weeks back. In a nearly six-minute back-and-forth with an incredibly patient guy named Brian, the elderly woman tries her darndest to wrap her head around the concept of a "tab," before eventually realizing that she doesn't have to open Google if she wants to surf the Web. A few long, awkward silences later, she finally succeeds in closing Google -- although turning off the volume probably would've done the trick, too. She then sweetly asks the support guy how many other 'Pac-Man' related calls he's received. Not many, Lorraine. Not many. [From: TechLand]

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