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Man Avenges Speeding Ticket by Buying Expired Police Department URL

Brian McCrary
When Brian McCrary got ticketed for speeding in Bluff City, Tennessee, he got mad -- but he also got even. Upset because he was caught by a police speed camera placed on U.S. Highway 11E, McCrary decided to go to the Bluff City Police Department's Web site to ask a question about his $90 fine. While there, he noticed that the site's domain name was about to expire. Opportunist that he apparently is, McCrary decided to buy it up for himself, officially securing his place in the pantheon of online vengeance.

Now, as the owner of, McCrary uses the forum to post links and complaints about speed cameras. And, it appears that he's found a pretty substantial fan base, as the site has already accrued over 1,200 unique hits since he took the reins on May 22nd. "It's kind of surprising that they'd just let it lapse like that," the new domain owner told "I figured they would be aware [it was about to expire] and renew it on their own."

Ultimately, the police department has only itself to blame for allowing the domain to slip from its hands., the company that administered rights to the name, sent a series of warning e-mails to the office to warn them that the domain was about to expire, and then several more even after it had already expired. Bluff City Police Chief David Nelson, however, says,
"It just slipped my mind. If you open up a Web site and let it go down, somebody can buy it – I did not know that."

McCrary's bold payback, however, didn't come for free. He had to pay an extra $80 for the rights, in addition, of course, to his speeding fine. But the feedback he's received thus far has been so overwhelming, he's confident that "
this camera thing will come to an end." [From: and TGDaily]

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