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'Warriors of Rock' Brings Customizable Axes to Guitar Hero

Warriors of Rock guitar body 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock' looks to be the most ridiculous installment of the rhythm-based game, which is saying an awful lot. The cartoonish, but otherwise humanoid characters are getting booted in favor of pig-beasts, demons and what appears to be Storm's little sister. To accompany the new epic story mode and over-the-top characters, Activision is packing in a new guitar that players can customize with swappable bodies.

The new axes move all the essential electronic guts into the neck, and added a thin strip down the middle of the guitar that holds the controls. The rest of the body serves no purpose other than aesthetics. The body's sides pop off and can be replaced with custom parts either purchased directly from Activision or from other peripheral companies. The standard body included with the new guitar is a metal-esque design (here) with red-accented flames, and those who pre-order 'Warriors of Rock' from Gamestop will also get an exclusive body from that retailer (after the jump) made to look like a literal ax.

The ability to customize your controller is a nice touch, but we sure hope that this isn't some empty, desperate effort to keep the stagnating guitar game genre commercially successful (ahem). [From: Gizmodo]

Gamestop Exclusive Axe Body

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