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HP Plugs Printers Into the Cloud, Lets You Print from Google Docs

HP unveils printers with their own e-mail addresses.Hewlett-Packard announced yesterday a new line of printers that have their own e-mail addresses in an attempt to breathe new life into printing. Rather than connect a device to the printer, you can simply e-mail a document, photo or PDF to one of HP's new machines, and it will be waiting in the printer's tray when you get home. The company hopes these new printers, which will be released over the coming months and be priced from $99 to $400, will revitalize its printing business that took a large hit as fewer people began printing directions and documents -- thanks, in part, to the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud-based services.

HP has also enlisted Google to help with this push, which will make it easier to print Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Calendar items, as well as Picasa galleries. Yahoo!,, Facebook and other companies also lined up with a suite of Web-based printer apps, accessible from HP's ePrintCenter site. We'll have to wait to see if taking printing mobile and bestowing e-mail addresses upon printers will keep printing alive. [From: HP and The New York Times, via: Engadget and PCMag]

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