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Gmail and Buzz Now Embed Google Maps, For Cartography in Conversations

google map embedded in buzz
We love the various features that the Google Apps labs add to our favorite Web tools. The latest one, which can be found in the labs settings in Gmail, automatically embeds a map in your e-mails and Buzz messages, if they contain a recognizable real-world address. Until now, checking an address in Google Maps required copying the address, opening maps, pasting it in the search box and hitting enter. Granted, not a ton of work, but the Google Maps preview function saves you the time and effort.

You'll notice a set of links at the bottom of any mail with an address: one that opens the preview within the e-mail, and another that opens the map in a new window. In Buzz, pasting a Google Maps link in your Buzz box (or whatever you want to call it) automatically generates an image preview of the location on a map. Pretty sweet. Check it out by clicking on the little green beaker in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail to edit your labs settings. [From: Gmail Blog, via: Read Write Web]

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