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Steve Jobs to Debut New iPhone, MobileMe and Safari 5 at WWDC 2010?

steve jobs wwdcUpdate: Jobs just announced the iPhone 4.

Everyone's expecting Steve Jobs to unveil a next-generation iPhone at today's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) but what other goodies might the sly Apple CEO reveal? Here's a brief look at some of the buzz surrounding the event.

Although Gizmodo gave us a sneak peek of the new iPhone a few months ago, today we'll find out which features made the final cut. As PCWorld points out, we still don't know whether the gadget will use a custom Apple processor, how much more space it will provide or, for that matter, its name. There's also a lot of speculation about what surprises may Apple have in store for its iPhone OS 4.0, including a new iChat for iPhone feature,

As for non-iPhone related rumors, PC World speculates that the company will unveil a new version of its Safari Web browser, Safari 5. The update is rumored to have a JavaScript engine that runs 25-percent faster than its predecessor, and enhanced HTML 5 support. 9to5Mac also reports that Jobs may announce a new free service for Apple's Mobile Me platform, while Engadget muses about the possibilities of a multitouch trackpad, which would connect wirelessly to Apple desktops. The beloved Mac Mini is due for a serious renovation, as well, posits Apple Insider, who thinks it may include a new HDMI socket, faster processors and better graphics. PCWorld, meanwhile, wonders aloud whether the demise of Lala suggests that Apple may introduce a cloud-based iTunes service.

Outlets also warned about what Apple fans won't see. FastCompany, however, says we shouldn't expect a new version of Mac TV with iPhone OS 4.0, and ModMyi believes anyone hoping for a lot on the iPad front will be "gravely disappointed." Jobs is scheduled to go onstage at 10 a.m., PT. Stay tuned. [From: PCWorld, ComputerWorld, FastCompany]

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