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NYC Tester iPads Home to Festering, Foul Bacteria... But Then Again, What Isn't?

ipad bacteria
Ah, New York City. The teeming masses, the crowded subways, broad avenues and millions of people. All touching iPads. With over two million of Apple's wonder gadget sold, just think of how many people have tried the product out for themselves. With the Fifth Avenue Apple Store a practical landmark, the amount of curious consumers -- tourists and natives alike -- that trek in to touch the tablet must be astronomical. Of course, with them, come germs.

The New York Daily News secretly swabbed four iPads at Gotham's Apple stores and tested their samples. Two of them had some nasty goop: Staphylococcus aureus, the common cause of staph infections, and Candida parapsilosis, a type of yeast, and rash-causing Corynebacterium minutissimum. The other two swabs just had an inordinate amount of skin cells, which pointed to very dirty iPads.

Before you get your texting thumbs in a tangle, we'd like to point out two details that the NY Daily News fails to mention: a lot of these are commonly occurring bacterium, and any public space, be it a New York City (or anywhere, really) subway, iPad or a restaurant's salt and pepper shaker, will be teeming with the little guys. While pieces like this proffer little real news and a lot of hysteria, the Post has a good message. When playing with 'Pads, always wash your hands thoroughly -- and hand-sanitizer only kills the weakest germs -- and if you harbor serious germophobia... well, maybe stick to online shopping only. [From: NY Daily News]

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