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Facebook Privacy Issue Used in California Primary Attack Ad

Facebook's been on the receiving end of a lot of bad press lately, thanks in large part to its morally nebulous privacy policy. But apparently, the site has become so universally hated that politicians are now using it as a weapon to attack their electoral opponents.

Two weeks ago, we reported on Kamala Harris, a popular Democrat running for the office of California's attorney general and her campaign tactic of taking her opponent to task over Facebook. In her recently released a campaign ad, she mentions his political inexperience, thin political resume and his allegedly integral role in "designing the Facebook privacy policy condemned across the country." The ad ends on an ominous note, with the voiceover narration reminding Californians that "Chris Kelly released your private information."

As the LA Times reports, Harris has been taking Kelly to task about his work at Facebook as the company's former privacy chief for some time now, and so far, the tactic appears to have struck a chord with voters; a Survey US poll recently revealed that Harris, with 22-percent of California's support, enjoys a healthy lead over Kelly, who stands at 11-percent, and a slightly less comfortable cushion over third primary candidate Rocky Delgadillo, at 16-percent. This is the first time, though, that her campaign has gone this public with the attack, and Kelly is doing his best to deflect it, saying he was "troubled" by Facebook's decision to share user information "without clear consent."

Whether Harris or Kelly eventually wins the battle of public opinion is irrelevant; the mere fact that Facebook is being used as a wedge to distance one candidate from the other says a lot more about the social network than it could ever say about either Democrat. [From: LA Times]

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