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Gmail to Add 'Normal E-mail' Option for 'Conversation' Haters

One of Gmail's most polarizing features is its 'Conversations' format, which groups long e-mail exchanges under the same, single subject line. Some users prefer the format to traditional e-mail displays, and even point to it as Gmail's defining feature. Others, meanwhile, have long insisted that the message grouping only makes it easier to miss new e-mails [Ed. Note: Those people are crazy!]. Now, it appears that Google has finally listened to its Gmail naysayers, and, as BusinessInsider reports, is planning on unveiling a new 'Normal E-mail' option in order to appease them.

The company recently gave control over its Gmail service to VP Vic Gundotra, who, according to sources, has referred to his company's attitude toward the 'Conversations' issue "tone deaf." Now that he's taken the reins, though, we should expect to see a new option for disgruntled users within the next two months. The news comes just a day after Google announced its plans to allow users to personalize their own search pages, suggesting that enhancing user autonomy may be at the center of any future format changes.

We've always loved the 'Conversations' format, primarily because it goes a long way toward streamlining our otherwise disheveled inboxes. But if there really is a sizable percentage of users who loathe the service [Ed. Note: Once again, those people are crazy!], it's probably in Google's best interest to give them the choice to opt-out. [From: BusinessInsider]

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