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Nasty OS X Malware Hitches a Ride With Free Software

OS X MalwareSome serious OS X spyware has made it out into the wild, and past filters at software sites Softpedia, MacUpdate and VersionTracker. Security firm Intego noticed that the spyware had been hitching rides onto user's Macs via the MishInc FLV to MP3 utility and about 30 different screen-savers from a company called 7art. The piece of malware, called OSX/OpinionSpy, is either labeled as a "market research" tool, or quietly installed when those free apps are being loaded.

And OpinionSpy isn't some second-rate proof of concept infection, either. This nasty piece of code is able to open up a back door to your computer, scan all local and network storage, eavesdrop on other networked computers, intercept passwords and other personal information being entered into Firefox, Safari and iChat, and automatically update itself with new features. Thankfully, the infection's spread is limited, and the offending apps have since been removed from their normally trustworthy hosts. If your Mac has been infected, there are a few free utilities, such as ClamXav and iAntiVirus, that can clear out the malware.

Apple owners should get used to this kind of news, and should be hoping that security software for their computers gets really good, really quickly. As Macs pick up market share and become more acceptable in corporate environments, it's inevitable that more OS X malware will rear its ugly head. [From: CNET]Notes

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