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Google Lets Users Personalize Search Background

personalized google homepage
Whether it's a car, a professional sports logo, or Coca-Cola, every classic design, at one point or another, undergoes some sort of renovation. These cosmetic makeovers, however, are rarely as drastic as the redesign that Google has just unveiled on its trademark home page.

After the search engine tested a new, minimally altered site design back in April, the company has now decided to completely change its home page layout -- by opening it up to its users. As Google announced on its blog yesterday, individual Web surfers can now personalize their Google search pages by uploading their own photos to use as the background. Over the course of the next few days, users will be able to upload photos from their computer, the Google-owned Picasa Web Album, or any public Picasa gallery. Should you suddenly tire of seeing your vacation photos pop up every time you begin a search, you can always switch back to the original, clean-slate design. The search engine is rolling out the new feature in a piecemeal fashion across the globe, so if you don't see a new link in the bottom left hand corner of Google's home page, it'll probably be added within the coming days.

It's one thing to personalize your Twitter or MySpace background; after all, it's your personal territory, and it's a way to put your stamp on a page that others might stumble upon. But Google, on the other hand, is almost like an altar. We go there, bow before it, and ask for answers. Design may be nothing more than an epidermis, but we're still not sure whether something as vaunted as Google should be smeared with a giant picture of our dog -- it just doesn't seem right. [From: Google; via: ReadWriteWeb]

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