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Disney Sells 'Toy Story 3' Tickets via Facebook Application

Toy Story 3 Goes to facebook
The Walt Disney Company and Facebook -- both giants in the entertainment industry -- have teamed up to sell movie tickets using an application on the social networking site. According to The New York Times, Disney Tickets Together allows users to purchase advance tickets to 'Toy Story 3' without leaving Facebook. Buying movie tickets online is nothing new, but this marks the first time it has been done strictly on Facebook. If the system catches on, Disney says it will sell tickets on Facebook for further future releases. The application launched on May 26th and notifies friends when a user buys a ticket, and allows them to invite others to join them at the same location and showtime. "The whole idea is that no friend gets left behind," Oliver Luckett, who manages Disney's social networking affairs, told the Times.

While Disney hopes to boost box-office revenue with this venture, Facebook won't see any of that money. However, the publicity and increased traffic constitute justification enough for Zuckerberg and Co. to join. As for moviegoers, Disney Tickets Together offers an experience that's similar to what you'd get on, except for the added ability to notify all your digital connections that you're going to see 'Toy Story 3.' [From: The New York Times]

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