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Concerned Teacher Blogs School Meals on 'Fed Up With Lunch'

Public School Meatloaf
Those of you who went to public school here in the U.S. no doubt remember the absolutely foul things that were being passed off as food in your cafeterias. There were chicken nuggets that tasted more like Play-Doh than poultry, and Salisbury steak that had the texture of a salty tire. A teacher and parent at an unidentified school, in an unidentified Midwestern state, has decided that, for one year, she will suffer alongside her students and eat whatever slop is being dished out that day.

Known only as Mrs. Q, the concerned parent and educator wants to draw attention the often questionable nutritional value of the "edibles" we serve our children. On her blog, Fed Up With Lunch, she posts the cafeteria's offerings everyday, along with a photo and a few words describing the horror as she tries to choke it down.

Things have improved slightly now that schools are required to serve fruits and vegetables, along with the heaping helpings of starches and (what we're led to believe is) meat. But there is no denying that public school lunches leave much to be desired in both the nutrition and flavor departments. And honestly, no matter how delicious or healthy something is, when it looks like the meatloaf and "mystery greens" above, you're going to have a tough time convincing anyone to eat it. And we wonder why kids hate their veggies. [From: Fed Up With Lunch, via: PSFK]

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