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Radiation-Shielding Products Appear on the Market for Paranoid Cell Users

Radiation Protecting Products
The debate over whether or not the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones is dangerous to the human body is far from settled. Some, though, would rather be safe than sorry, and a market has opened for products that claim to protect against those invisible waves of energy. While allegations of those waves' danger may not be grounded in good science, some of the protective designs are.

Using special fabrics that incorporate metal fibers, Belly Armor makes t-shirts, blankets, and a belly band for pregnant women. The fibers act as a sort of Faraday Cage, shielding the fetus from any nearby radiation source. The company claims that the Chinese government has tested its products, and has shown that the blankets and shirts block more than 90-percent of electromagnetic radiation.

Pong Research is also cashing in on cell phone fears. Pong makes BlackBerry and iPhone cases that are able to direct radiation away from the head of a cell phone user. The cases use alternating strips of conductive and insulating material, arranged specifically to suit the antenna of each cell phone model. The "ladder" arrangement allegedly pulls over 60-percent of the radiation up through the phone and away from the user's head -- without sacrificing signal quality.

The science behind these products is actually quite sound. It's a shame that they're designed to capitalize on fears that have, at best, a tenuous basis in reality. [From: New York Times]

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