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iPad-Savvy Dolphin Gives Apple Tablet New Porpoise

iPad Savvy DolphinThere's no denying the hype around the iPad, but, apparently, humans aren't the only mammals who are intrigued by Apple's tablet. According to a press release (PDF) from Speak Dolphin, a bottlenose dolphin named Merlin recently learned to communicate using the iPad. Merlin, who resides at a research center in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, is shown an object, like a ball or plastic duck. Then, trainer Jack Kassewitz shows Merlin a picture of the same object on a waterproofed iPad's screen. The dolphin has learned to peck the image that corresponds with the object, and Kassewitz says this marks the beginning of a language-enabling communication between humans and dolphins. Apple just might have found its new mascot, and we may have just passed out from "aww"-ing so hard. [From: Speak Dolphin (PDF), via: Orange Crate Art]

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