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George W. Bush Signs Up for Facebook, Joins the 21st Century

George Bush's Facebook Page
He may have been the first president of the new millennium, but it wasn't till now that George Bush (or Dubya, as both friends and detractors like to call him) truly joined the modern era by signing up for Facebook. There's nothing terribly interesting going on there, but if you're so inclined, you can go "like" the page of our 43rd president.

So far, Bush's updates are pretty mundane; detailing his activities since leaving office and plugging Laura's memoir. The first status update was a tad unwieldy, but chock full of information:
Since leaving office, President Bush has remained active. He has visited 20 states and 8 countries; given over 65 speeches; launched the George W. Bush Presidential Center; participated in 4 policy conferences through The Bush Institute; finished the first draft of his memoir, "Decision Points"; and partnered with President Clinton to establish the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. More on his activities in future posts...
Posts from fans are generally positive and respectful, though there are some musings from disgruntled Republicans. There is also plenty of glib (and often uninformed) "debate" going on in the comments of other people's wall posts. For now, there is a general lack of content: there's no bio, only two images and no events (such as upcoming speeches). As Dubya and his team figure this whole "Internets" thing out, though, we're sure the page will be fleshed out.

Welcome to the 21st century, Mr. President. [From: Huffington Post]

George W. Bush on Facebook

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