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'Quit Facebook Day' Faceplants with Low Turnout

Quit Facebook Day
Despite Facebook's roll out of newer, simpler privacy controls last week, many users have remained upset with the social networking site's privacy policies. So, to voice their displeasure, a group of users organized "Quit Facebook Day" for May 31st. The plan was pretty straightforward: visit the site, sign your name and then delete your Facebook account on the chosen day.

But, as Venture Beat reports, the campaign was essentially a failure, since only about one in 15,000 registered Facebook users actually pledged to delete their accounts. As of this writing, only 34,526 of Facebook's 500 million users had pledged to permanently sign off. The key word here is pledged, though. It's easy to put your name on a list, but actually deleting your information, photos and friends is another story. Plus, as Venture Beat reports, nearly 150,000 new people join Facebook every day, meaning the campaign (with everyone following through) wouldn't be enough to cancel out even one day's worth of sign-ups. As much as folks complain about the site's lack of privacy control, those same people (us included) couldn't do without their daily information pipeline. [From: Venture Beat and QuitFacebookDay]

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