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Lala Stops Streaming, Still No Word on Apple's Plans for the Service

Laal shuts down
Streaming music service Lala finally shut down some time around 2 a.m. EST this morning, and visitors are now met with information on refunds and credits for current members. Since Apple announced its purchase of Lala in December, we're not surprised to see the site shut down, but Apple still hasn't confirmed how or if it will replace Lala, or whether or not it will use the existing technology.

Many in the industry speculated that the Lala purchase suggested Apple was gearing up for a cloud-based version of iTunes, which would let you access and stream your music collection from any device with an Internet connection (like Spotify). In January, The Wall Street Journal even cited sources claiming that Apple would announce a cloud-based music service in June, bringing us to where we are now. With Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) kicking off next Monday and news of a new Apple TV with cloud storage, summer 2010 could be the beginning of a big cloud-based push for Apple. [From: All Things Digital, Tech Crunch, Engadget and The Wall Street Journal]

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