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Extreme Gamers Play 48.5 Hours a Week, Need Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Dogs

If you're so lucky as to know 100 video game enthusiasts, there's a good chance that you know four people who play with their joysticks more than they work. A new report from NPD Group, and quoted on, claims that a full 4-percent of gamers do their thing for 48.5 hours a week.

Before you, or we, start making assumptions, be aware that 34-percent of these maniacs are of the female persuasion, and that their average age is 29-years old. That being the case, we don't think it presumptuous to say that some of you know mothers who clock in two sleepless days of zombie-killing every week. Gives a new meaning to Mommy's little monster, huh? [From:]

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