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Norton 'Safe Web' Scrubs Your Facebook Feed, Detects Malware

Norton Safe Web
Facebook users now have a way to protect themselves from the never-ending spread of malware, such as the "Sexiest Video Ever" scam. Symantec has released a free app that scans your News Feed for harmful links. The app, Norton Safe Web, scans all URLs that have appeared in your feed during the past 24 hours. On completion, the scan lists the links and describes them as "safe," "warning" or "untested." The app also follows shortened URLs back to their original sources to ensure you don't get duped. That's a huge plus, since many people on our friends lists use services like or tinyURL when they post on Facebook.

ReadWriteWeb reports there were problems loading the scan results when using Google Chrome. Unfortunately, the scan doesn't run actively as you're browsing your news feed, meaning you have to manually run it every time you want to test the safety of those kitty video links. [From: All Facebook, via: Read Write Web]

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