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Opera Mocks Google Chrome Speeding Test, Scandinavian Style

Opera Mocks Chrome

The Opera browser gets plenty of attention in the mobile space, and, in the pre-iPhone days, it was the cell phone Web browser of choice for the tech elite. Many iPhone users are opting for the fast, though not flawless, Opera mini over the default Mobile Safari. But in the desktop arena, Opera still lags far behind the major players (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer). Apparently, the Norwegian company sees an opportunity to capture some mindshare and is directly confronting its competition.

First up on Opera's hit list is Chrome. The Google ad declaring Chrome faster than a speeding potato struck the company as a tad ridiculous, so they decided to recreate the test -- Scandinavian style (video embedded below). Using a similar Mouse Trap-esque setup, the Opera team drops a potato in a pot of boiling water while bringing a fork down on a laptop's enter key to load the Opera home page.

We won't ruin the whole thing for you. Just watch the video and have a good chuckle with our herring-loving friends from Northern Europe. [From: Engadget]

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