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Pennsylvania Offers Foursquare Summer Road Trip

Pennsylvania and Foursquare
If you're social networking-savvy and looking for a summer road trip, Pennsylvania could be the place for you. We know the Keystone State might not sound like the most appealing vacation destination, but, according to Ad Week, the Pennsylvania Tourism Board has partnered with Foursquare to give summer travelers extra incentive to visit restaurants, stores and historical sites across the state. The board listed 100 places around the locale, including tips on what to do or see, on the location-based service's site. By checking-in from these locations, Foursquare users can earn three unique Pennsylvania badges -- the 'PA Shooflyer' for foodies, the 'PA Retail Polka' for shoppers and the 'PA 4 Score and 7' for history buffs.

Ever since Governor Schwarzenegger joined, we've sort of been over the whole Foursquare craze. The social networking road-trip idea could get tourists into Pennsylvania, but there is one drawback: your diet will probably consist solely of glorious cheesesteaks. [From: Ad Week and Foursquare/visitpa]

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