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DIY Prison Tattoo Gun Made From a Sony PlayStation

playstation tattoo machineWhen there's a will for a hideous piece of skin art, there's a way. A detainee at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in West Sussex, Britain was recently caught with one of the most inventive PlayStation hacks we've ever seen. After gutting the console, the prisoner attached the motor to a ballpoint pen with a sharpened tip. Et voilà! A DIY tattoo machine! Sadly, the prisoner's gadget was confiscated during a routine check of the rooms at the detention facility.

Of course, prisoners have been inking themselves and others for ages. One of the first known tattoos appeared on Ötzi the Iceman, who lived approximately 5,400 years ago (as long as you've got ink and a sharp object, you too can tattoo). And, especially in Russian prison culture, tattoos are incredibly important to tell stories, boast of crimes and display general bad-assery. Apparently, Brook House allows the PlayStations 1 and 2 within its walls, but not the Playstation 3, due to its Internet connection.

We have to hand it to the crack team over at The Sun and their infinite ability to come up with eye-rolling puns when they dubbed this machine the "Sony PainStation." Our best attempt at wordplay, "Sony StaphInfection," just doesn't roll off the tongue the same way. [From: The Sun]

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