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Yankees Ban iPad From Stadium Because It's a 'Laptop'

yankee ipad ban
Few teams in professional sports history are as universally loathed as the New York Yankees. And with 27 World Series titles and a payroll that makes any mid-market franchise look like a farm team, it's easy to understand why. No matter what the Bronx Bombers do, they'll always face a healthy contingent of fans who despise them simply because of the pinstripes on their uniforms. Now, however, the team may have just alienated an entirely new swath of fans: iPad owners.

As Yahoo! reports, the team that George built has decided to ban iPads from the 'House that Jeter Built,' declaring the device a blatant violation of Yankee Stadium's 'no-laptop' policy. Steve Jobs, of course, would probably object to the team's classification, but, as we all know, the Yanks love their rules, and they love enforcing them with authoritarian vigor.

The obvious question, of course, is why someone would take an iPad to a baseball game to begin with. The answer? Because it's baseball. National pastime or not, we'd rather spend an afternoon doing our taxes with Orrin Hatch than sit through four hours of the spitting, crotch-adjusting and occasional bat-swinging that comprise your average MLB game. Then again, the way the Yanks see it, every minute you spend on your iPad is another minute that you could be buying four-dollar bottles of water. [From: Yahoo, via: CNET]

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