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'Distracting Beach Babes' Video Scam Plagues Facebook Users

distracting beach babes

Just in time for summer, a bikini-clad malware scam is spreading across Facebook. According to Sophos, a video entitled "Distracting Beach Babes," containing a malicious link, was posted to thousands of users' Walls over the weekend. Apparently, this latest scam is an offshoot of the "Sexiest Video Ever" scam, which hit Facebook users last week. By clicking on the video thumbnail of a girl's butt, you'll be taken to a bogus Facebook application. The app will ask for permission to play the video, only to tell you that you need to update the player. Meanwhile, the scam is installing adware onto your computer and spreading to everybody on your friends list.

If you find this link on your Wall, don't click it. It's never a good idea to click an unfamiliar link -- even if it promises booties in bikinis. Delete the post quickly, change your Facebook password, check Facebook settings to make sure this app is blocked, and then scan your computer for viruses. It also wouldn't hurt to use a status update for something useful, like spreading word of this scam to your friends before anybody else falls prey to it. [From: Sophos, via: Fox News]

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