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World Health Organization Calls for an Online Detox of Alcohol Ads

Despite claims from the World Health Organization that "One of the greatest threats to international health security arises from outbreaks of emerging and epidemic prone diseases," the organization continues to focus on puritanical assaults against personal choice. Apparently afraid of outbreaks of online fun and epidemics of Facebook frivolity, the WHO has reportedly mounted a wholesale assault on virtual alcohol ads.

The organization has already engaged smokers (and people who actually want to quit smoking) in an extensive anti-tobacco war. The group now seems to have become incensed by the online popularity of entities like Heineken, which boasts 300,000 fans on Facebook. The WHO's 193 member nations reportedly all recently supported a 24-page document which decries "increasingly sophisticated advertising and promotion techniques" and their effects on teens.

Now, of course alcoholism and alcohol-related deaths are obviously very real problems, but couldn't the 193 nations spend their time and money on more tangible pursuits? Like, actively funding and visibly promoting the group's actual alcohol education programs? The WHO also professes a desire to curtail obesity, but the document apparently didn't mention anything about fast food ads, or the 2.25 million Facebook fans of McDonald's.

Regardless, the WHO teetotalers have clearly demonstrated an extreme disconnect with teens and social networking, as Facebook has repeatedly proven to be a wholly effective, and somewhat hilarious, means of curbing and punishing underage drinking. [From: The Globe and Mail]

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