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Long-Lost Brothers Find Each Other on Twitter After 20 Years

brothers find each other on twitter
While you were using Twitter to catch up on celebrity gossip or to share your innermost thoughts with the world, Adam Smith was busy devoting his 140-characters to a far more important cause: finding his long-lost brother.

See, a few years ago, Smith's mom informed Adam that his father had a bunch of other children roaming the planet. She mentioned a few names, including one Matthew Keys. Smith pressed for more information on his mysterious sibling, and eventually felt compelled to scour Twitter in an attempt to find him. Finally, he stumbled across Keys' @RadioMatthew handle, which Matthew uses for his job as an online news producer for FOX40 News in Sacramento. All it took was a simple question ("hey, is your mom's name jackie?"), and the two were reunited.

As Keys told Mashable, he was a little freaked out at first, especially when Smith "started telling me things from my childhood that I had heard bits and pieces of growing up -- things nobody could have possibly known." The two exchanged phone numbers, had an epic four-hour conversation, and, after examining each others' photos, discovered that they'd already met in a chat room. Weirder still is the fact that the two siblings live only ten minutes away from each other. They finally came face to face when they carpooled together to do an interview with FOX40, and given their uncanny resemblance, the meeting probably laid to rest any lingering doubts they may have had about their shared DNA.

For someone like Keys, who spends his days scouring the Web for news, the chance meeting was not only a life-altering experience, but a testament to the power of social networking, as well. And as it turns out, his story is not unique. After recounting their tale on Facebook, Keys says that the two "were flooded with people e-mailing and posting to our Wall about similar lost and found stories involving biological and adopted siblings and relatives." Now that they're reunited, the boys also say they're ready to seek out the rest of their scattered brothers and sisters. And we think we have a pretty good idea of where their search will begin. [From: Mashable and FOX40]

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