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AOL Tech Makes It Easier to Browse Online Video on Your TV Screen
Browsing content-packed sites like Hulu can be a frustrating task if you're doing it on a TV screen. According to The New York Times, however, the video search engine Clicker unveiled a tv-optimized verison of its site Wednesday at Google's I/O conference that makes it easier for users to browse its library on their TVs. Rather than index videos with small thumbnails, -- still in beta -- is formatted for use from up to 10-feet away, meaning everything onscreen is bigger and brighter. Popular shows and episodes are prominently listed on one side of the page, and headlines on the other side. Of course, this requires you have your computer laptop plugged into your TV, though the announcement points to the release of a Google settop box later this week.

This new site was built with HTML5, and is really impressive when browsed on Google Chrome. Unfortunately, Hulu and many other content providers still rely on Flash for video, so, while navigating the site isn't a problem, many users won't be able to watch Flash content on their mobile devices. Because the site functions as an online aggregator, you can access over 10,000 television shows and 30,000 movies from providers ranging from big names like iTunes and Hulu to TED and Yale. [From: The New York Times]

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