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Vietnam Uncovers New iPod Touch, Germany Investigates Google Snooping

leaked photo of new ipod touch
Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • Apple may have to mount a wholesale offensive against Vietnam if developmental gadgets keep surreptitiously appearing in the Asian nation. An iPhone 4G recently surfaced, and now an iPod Touch with a 2-megapixel camera has materialized, as well. This begs just one important question: When can we get one? [From: Engadget]
  • Google claimed this week that its practice of collecting and storing personal information while performing Street View maneuvers was completely inadvertent. The German government is now asking the company to reveal exactly what was gleaned from open wireless networks, as the practice could violate data protection laws and result in penalties as high as $380,000. [From: The New York Times]
  • The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) supposedly ended its shock-and-awe campaign to prosecute and terrify illegal file-sharers in 2008, and court records indicate that the organization has indeed become significantly less litigious. Infringement lawsuits peaked in 2005 with almost 6,000 cases, but 2009 only hosted 2,192. The RIAA has instead concentrated its recent efforts on unmasking and blocking illegal file-sharers, a plan that has apparently achieved about as much success as France's similar program. [From: Wired]
  • London Mayor Boris Johnson apparently wants to turn his city into the world's largest Wi-Fi zone in time for the 2012 Olympics. In hopes of turning London into a tech mecca, Johnson wants a router in "every lampost and every bus stop." As Engadget has keenly pointed out, though, there has been no mention of the word "free," so tourists should probably have those credit cards ready. [From: Engadget]
  • Last fall, analysts estimated Twitter's worth at $1 billion, despite the site's inability to generate tangible revenue. Over the past few months, Twitter has been implementing various plans and significant partnerships, though, including its new "promoted tweets" campaign. COO Dick Costolo claims that the rapidly expanding system will involve hundreds of major companies by the end of the fourth quarter, and that the site hopes to "really blow it open in Q4." [From: Reuters]
  • Yahoo! News has steadily increased its reputation for actually breaking major stories, and the site is reportedly bolstering its growing reputation as an aggregator of pertinent information. According to the New York Times, Yahoo! is purchasing Associated Content, a consortium of almost 400,000 freelance contributors who comprise "the world's largest online media company." [From: The New York Times]

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