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iPad Buyer Burnt by Apple's 'No Cash' Purchase Policy

iPad Cash Purchase
If you don't have a debit or credit card, you won't be the owner of an iPad. Or so one Palo Alto, California, woman learned when she was turned away for trying to purchase Apple's new tablet with cash.

According to an ABC 7 News report (video after the break), Diane Campbell, who is on a fixed income, saved for months to get the $600 she needed to buy an iPad. When she entered the Silicon Valley Apple Store with cash in hand, a clerk quickly informed Campbell that she couldn't use the cash for her purchase. Apple's policy states that customers must use a debit or credit card to purchase an iPad. By limiting sales to card transactions, the company can more easily enforce its two iPads per customer limit. That way, folks can't scoop up multiple iPads and sell them abroad for a large profit.

However, that leaves people like Campbell, who still don't have a card or an iPad, out in the cold. Her only option is to purchase a secondhand iPad from somebody who has a debit or credit card, which is exactly what Apple supposedly doesn't want to happen. So ultimately, no one wins. [From: ABC News, via: Huffington Post]

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