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The Onion Gives a Glimpse of Google's Mobile 'Whisper Ad' Marketing

Onion 911 Call
A few years ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that one day, we'd all live in a world with free cell phones, thanks to a surge in mobile-based advertising that would eventually match online revenue. And, while we may not have reached that point just yet, the clairvoyants over at The Onion have now given us an idea of what that world might look like.

In a recent report from the Onion News Network, Tech Trends reporter Jeff Tate gives some deadpan insight into Google's hypothetical "whisper ads," which bombard cellphone users with recorded commercials and personalized promotional offers -- even during the most dire of 911 emergency calls. It's a witty, outrageous and spot-on satire of online-culture-meets-reality, the likes of which hearkens back to the days of Dave Chappelle's 'Internet Mall.' But, as with most Onion parodies, it ultimately leaves us wondering -- and worrying -- about the very legitimate possibility that this could soon become a reality. [From: Engadget]

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