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Intel and Google to Bring Apps, Web to TVs

Google and Intel TV Google and Intel are widely expected to announce a new "smart TV" initiative this week. The new platform will see the chip maker's Atom processor (normally found in netbooks) paired up with the Android OS (normally found in cell phones). The combined technology will be finding its way into set-top boxes and TVs, bringing Web connectivity and applications to the boob tube.

To date, efforts to bring the Internet to the TV or add widgets for content from providers like Netflix or YouTube have been clunky at best. Programs usually couldn't be ported across devices. In other words, Sony Blu-ray player's Netflix streaming apps can't be downloaded and installed on Samsung televisions, leaving users to look to third-party devices like Roku or AppleTV. A standard platform for developing such widgets and apps would not only make it easier to add to a streaming device, but also encourage developers to build new applications.

To lure electronics manufacturers, Google will probably announce a plan to bring ads to this new platform, with the intention of sharing that revenue with TV makers. We'll have to wait for the Google I/O conference to kick off this Wednesday (May 19) to be sure, but don't be surprised if your next TV comes engraved with a little green robot and an Intel logo. [From: Financial Times]

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