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David Lynch Designs Custom, Tar-Covered Speakers

David Lynch speakers
When it comes to modern day auteurs, David Lynch is easily one of the most visionary, having directed such modern classics as 'Blue Velvet' and 'Mulholland Drive.' This week, Lynch adds speaker design to his already varied artistic repertoire (which has included painting, furniture design and collaborating with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse on their 'Dark Night of the Soul' album).

Lynch's paint, tar and lacquer-covered speakers debuted this week at Sounds Like, an art exhibition running at DDCLAB in New York City as a part of Design Week. The exhibition features eight other artists, including Stanley Ruiz, whose speakers are encased in wood. Sounds Like is being curated by designer Joey Roth, who created a pair of incredible porcelain and birch wood speakers earlier this year. Roth gave Lynch and the exhibition's other contributing artists a pair of his speakers to redesign as they see fit. Additionally, each artist has collaborated with musicians (including Matmos and Miho Hatori) in order to create a piece of music to be played out of their customized creations.

Lynch's artistic palette is marked by his unique use of sound in film, so it's logical for the director to be designing audio equipment. Sadly, these speakers aren't likely to be reproduced, as we'd love to get our hands on a pair, or even a whole line of Lynch-designed products (imagine, 'Blue Velvet'-decor, 'Twin Peaks'-dishes?). [From: Sounds Like and Fast Company]

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