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Best Buy to Provide CinemaNow Streaming, Captain Jack Sparrow Applying 3-D Eyeliner

Best Buy CinemaNow
Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • While other companies have been providing movie-streaming services for several years, Nintendo managed to get in the game this March, and now Best Buy appears finally set to jump on board, as well. The electronics distributor recently acquired the rights to the familiar and established CinemaNow name, and will initially provide instant movie rentals and purchases through LG Blu-ray players. [From: Yahoo! News]
  • The fourth installment of Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise won't land in U.S. theaters until May of next year, but it has been confirmed that 'On Stranger Tides' will be captured in Digital 3D. Director Jerry Bruckheimer will also return to man the helm, and Johnny Depp will continue in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. [From: Variety]
  • The office copier recently achieved its 50th birthday, but a few hundred thousand people certainly aren't celebrating the device right now. CBS News performed an extensive investigation into copier hard drives that automatically store scanned material, and discovered machines in schools, police stations, businesses and health care centers that contained sensitive information about almost 500,000 people. According to the news outlet, the revelation has prompted Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey and the Federal Trade Commission to become involved. [From: CBS News]
  • The webcam spying case in Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District has reportedly taken a disturbing, and disgusting, turn. A judge has decided that students and parents have the right to view the shots, which number in the tens of thousands and -- according to lawyers -- include nude images. If teenagers can get charged with child pornography for sexting, then this should also certainly qualify. [From: Wired]
  • After CBS obtained the rights to the Twitter phenomenon 'S**t My Dad Says,' hired producers, crafted a script, and finally drafted William Shatner to play the ornery old man, all that was left was to create a TV- (and FCC-) friendly title. Following the lead of clever, profanity-disguising, message board nerds, CBS will reportedly call its new program, 'Shat My Dad Says.' (Shat? Shatner? Yeah, that's a good one, CBS.) [From: The Awl]
  • Musicians and headphones combine to form a natural pairing, and Jay-Z's Roc Nation will soon be serving a smooth blend of folding "Aviators" that are packed with features. The devices, with polycarbonate speaker housing, 400 mm full-range drivers and a tangle-free nylon cable, will be available in June for a to-be-determined price. [From: Engadget]

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