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U.K. Methodist Church Offers Daily Prayer iPhone App

the methodist church iphone appWhile the Pope inches the Catholic Church toward the digital age with the patience of Job, another church to the north continues to spread its technological wings far and wide, touching the blogosphere, the pearly gates of Twitter, and, most recently, the realm of smartphone apps.

According to the BBC, the Methodist Church in England has just launched its very own app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, reportedly making it the first denomination in the country to take its scripture to the iTunes Store. The app reportedly offers daily prayers and biblical readings, saving churchgoers the extra hassle of carrying around clunky Bibles whenever they find themselves in need of some mobile religion. But if you think your shiny new holy app means you can teleworship from your living room, guess again. The Church is emphasizing that the app should only supplement real-life worship, not replace it altogether. The Church is so confident of the app's popularity, in fact, that it's gone ahead and begun planning a second edition of its iBible. We're gonna go out on a limb, though, and assume that there probably won't be any twist endings in the sequel. [From: BBC]

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