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Minimalist 'Asteroids' in HTML5, Smash a Bottle to Save the Earth

minimalist html5 asteroids
There's a load of great tech news happening out there every day, and, unfortunately, we just can't cover it all. Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.
  • We're not trying to take sides in this whole Apple vs. Adobe battle. We do limit our weekly time-wasters to Flash-based games, because, well, they're endlessly available, but, if Armor Games and other such sites started putting out HTML5-based nuggets of joy like this minimalist version of 'Asteroids,' we'd be more than happy to include them. Doug McInnes's iteration of the classic arcade game is pared down to nothing but clean, fine lines -- and we love. [From: Doug McInnes]
  • Mark Bowden at The Atlantic takes a long, hard look at the battle against the Conficker virus, that sly bit of malware that has wrought untold data damage and claimed the rest of many an IT guy's retreating hairline. Bowden's story is animated with a a bit of eye-rolling hyperbole (e.g., "Imagine your computer to be a big spaceship, like the Starship Enterprise on 'Star Trek.'"; "The worm is winning."). But it's a fun read all the same. [From: The Atlantic]
  • Speaking of eye-rolls, we can't tell you how much we hate the spoiled little undergrads who've invaded our apartment buildings to stage raucous, beer-bottle-throwing parties on our roofs. But we remember that, not so long ago, we too enjoyed the satisfying crunch of shattering glass -- and now we just might have the chance to do it again. A recycling project by David Belt and MacroSea, Glassphemy is a 20-by-30-foot plexi box into which participants hurl all of their unwanted bottles. Recycling glass-smash party! [From: PSFK]
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