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Boeing Debuts Its 'Phantom Ray' Unmanned Spy Plane

Boeing Boomerang Spy Plane
On Monday, Boeing revealed its newest unmanned spy plane, a boomerang-shaped, drool-inducing object that looks straight out of a Michael Bay film. The sleek Phantom Ray is 36-feet long with a 50-foot wingspan, and takes off this December. This bad boy can hit 614 mph while hovering around 40,000 feet, but its purpose seems a bit obscure. Fast Company reports that, aside from being generally awesome, the Phantom Ray will likely be used for high-tech surveillance. Among its capabilities, the plane can use synthetic aperture radar, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and infrared technologies to create ultra-detailed battlefield maps, or it could interfere with and potentially jam electronic devices on the ground. Of course, the Phantom Ray still has months of ground and air tests to complete before it's ready to harass enemies.

There's no official word on whether or not the Phantom Ray would be used in combat, so imagining hordes of these descending in a perfect "V" onto our enemies will have to suffice. But, with such impressive specs, this plane can't be solely for recon, especially since the U.S. has ramped up its use of combat drones. [From: CNET News, via: Fast Company]

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