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Wikipedia Unveils New 'Vector' Look, Improved Editing Features

Wikipedia Gets a Redesign
Today, about a month after we first caught wind of it, Wikipedia unveiled a revamped look, dubbed Vector, and some improved features. According to Wikipedia, the site spent the last year beta-testing these improvements on about 635,000 users, and experienced an 83-percent retention rate.

You'll first notice a redesigned globe logo. The world's biggest time waster overhauled the site navigation with tabs at the top of the page to clearly explain what type of page you're viewing (discussion or article, editing or reading). Search suggestions have been improved to make it easier for you to get to that article on the history of GWAR. The editing toolbar got revamped to make page formatting easier, and the new Table Wizard should help editors easily build tables to analyze the hairstyles of villains in Bond films. Finally, the site formally introduced its Pediapress Book Creator, which lets users compile Wiki articles as PDFs or OpenDocuments, or even print them out as a paperback book. For fans of the older 'Monobook' style, Wikipedia is providing the ability to switch to the older layout. It's nice to see a site making user-friendly changes based on the community's wants and needs (cough, cough, Facebook). [From: Wikipedia blog and L.A. Times and Tech Crunch, via: The Next Web]

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