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EA Sports Will Charge Gamers Extra to Play Used Titles Online

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Starting next month with the release of 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11,' gamers will be charged an extra fee to play used EA Sports video games online. According to Edge, EA Sports will package an "Online Pass," which is essentially a one-time registration code, with its new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games. The pass lets you play online multiplayer games, join online leagues and access other bonus content. But, if you purchase a used title and want any of the aforementioned features, you'll be forced to pay $10 extra for an "Online Pass." However, EA Sports stated in a blog post that it will offer an oh-so-generous free seven-day trial for gamers who buy a used title, so that they can decide whether or not the "Online Pass" is worth the cash.

Why the levy on used games? Well, EA Sports and other publishers don't see a dime of the money that Gamestop and other retailers make selling used games, so the "Online Pass" is a way for publishers to get a piece of the used games market. No, we don't like it, but that probably won't stop us from ponying up for next year's Madden. [From: Edge and EA Sports and Engadget, via:]

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