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The Smoking Jacket, Playboy's New Site, Is Strangely Safe for Work

safe for work playboy bunnyPlayboy, which has somehow (mostly) defied the magazine apocalypse facing the rest of the print industry, has just announced a new site called The Smoking Jacket that will feature "safe for work" content. We presume that means nipples will get a cover-up via leather and/or lace, but that bosoms won't fail to appear entirely on the site -- an obvious bid to recapture the young male audience stolen away by Maxim et al.

While Playboy once boasted a respectable cadre of talented writers, it has fallen behind in recent years. That's not to say it's a bad mag, but it's generic fare for the last several years has featured interview subjects like Pete Wentz, Woody Harrelson and Shia LaBeouf. Celebs to be sure, but nothing quite earth-shattering that you couldn't find in the pages of GQ or Vanity Fair. (Yet another reason that we scratch our heads over Playboy's relative solvency in the midst of a print meltdown.)

Still, Playboy's a fairly respectable magazine that also happens to feature naked breasts. Its current site (NSFW) contains search-engine-grabbers like "nude girls," "naked women" and "naked celebs" in the title tags. (It sounds like porn, but we all know that it's positively Amish compared to what's available on the rest of the Internet.) But if The Smoking Jacket will not feature buxom beauties au naturel, what exactly will drive traffic to the site? Even more curious, Playboy somehow got its iPhone app approved by the Puritans at Apple, but that doesn't feature any "fully nude" content, either. Maybe people really do "read it for the articles." [From: Mashable]

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