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Man Mounts iPad in His Kitchen Cabinet Door

iPad Embedded in Cabinet

Move over, Paula Deen; the iPad is coming to the kitchen. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), reader Alan Daly recently installed an iPad in the door of his kitchen cabinet. In case something went wrong, Daly bought a spare door for this experiment. He used a jigsaw to cut out a square hole, smoothed the edges with a Dremel and cut two pieces of wood to secure the iPad in place. Next, he removed the old door and hung the new iPad-equipped door onto the cabinet's hinges. "My wife thought I was nuts - until she saw the finished product," he told TUAW.

So while Daly is eating cereal in the morning, he can catch up on the news. Or he can use apps like Epicurious to find and read recipes at eye level without having to worry about spilling something on the device. Daly and his wife can even watch a TV show while they put away the groceries. When it's not in use, he can flip on a virtual aquarium display to impress guests. It's just unfortunate there's not an iPad app that can make us better cooks, seeing as our standby kitchen gizmos are, sadly enough, the microwave and the blender. [From: TUAW, via: Engadget]

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