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'Clear' Airport Line-Skipping Service Set for Fall Comeback

Clear passLast summer, Verified Identity Pass's (VIP) Clear -- a service that allowed travelers to bypass airport security checkpoints for a yearly fee -- went bankrupt overnight, and closed its doors. But according to a press release, the company has been purchased by new owners and they hope to revive the service in the fall.

According to Gadling, AlClear, which recently purchased the assets for $6 million, will start contacting old Clear subscribers within a week, offering them a chance to renew their subscriptions. That will cost $179 per year and another $50 to upgrade to a family plan. If a former customer isn't interested, their personal information will be removed from AlClear's records in order to ensure privacy. However, there's one hitch: The purchased assets didn't include contracts with any airports. Obviously, the success of this venture will hinge on whether or not the company can convince the TSA to get back on board. [From: Gadling, via: Engadget]

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