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YouTube Nerds Microwave iPad, Sell Melty Remains on eBay

microwaved ipad
Apple just dropped its iPad 3G April 30th, so -- of course -- some nimrod on YouTube just had to be the first person to demonstrate the gadget's flammability. The dOvetastic Microwave Theatre has uploaded a torturous, 11-minute video featuring the $800, 64-gigabyte device and its incendiary demise inside a ridiculous microwave robot structure.

Since the video is painfully boring (aside from a few brief moments), and particularly because the voiceover guy may be the most annoying, over-inflective human being on earth [Edit. Note: This is not hyperbole], we'll go ahead and list the seminal moments and times. You're welcome. The first noticeable effects begin to appear at the 3:45 mark, smoke starts billowing around 5:00, the device ignites at 6:28 and then, finally, a slo-mo worthy moment appreciatively arrives at 7:10.

If you're a devotee of microwave destruction -- or are easily suckered by cheap gags masquerading as performance art -- the microwavers are hawking the combusted (yet somehow still recognizable) gadget on eBay. Giving us some faith in humanity, the bids haven't yet reached the reserve price, so stick that in your microwave and smoke it. [From: YouTube, via: TechEBlog]

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