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Robot Rock: The Cyborg Songs That Make Us Adore Our Metal Overlords

That scene in 'Empire Strikes Back' where Luke confronts the Dream Vader in a cave on Degobah, only to realize that he is becoming a hate-filled machine like his father, is a bit like our relationship with technology. Slowly, we become "more man than machine, twisted and eee-vile." As Kraftwerk suggests, we are all robots, motoring along our little programmed paths, using our phones, iPods and computers as literal extensions of ourselves -- not to mention whatever implants we receive over the years. But we should celebrate our robotics, we say -- whether it's Spoon's adorable little boogying 'bot, or any one of the countless ballads of robot love.

We must sadly admit that we already used Bjork's super-appropriate "All is Full of Love" in an earlier round-up, but let us know your favorite tunes about robot love in the comments below, or tell us on Twitter using the hashtag #ROBOTLOVE.

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