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Murdoch Admits MySpace Mistakes, AT&T Last in Customer Satisfaction Again

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • Echoing what everyone on the Web has known for three years, Rupert Murdoch has reportedly admitted that his News Corp. organization "made some mistakes" with MySpace. (Ya think?) He also proclaimed that the "iPad will lead a revolution." He was, of course, only talking about a monetary revolution, saying, "Unlike Kindle, we keep 100-percent of subscription revenue." Thank goodness. Everyone was really concerned that a multi-billionaire might not be able to reap the full benefits of news hoarding. [From: The Huffington Post]
  • AT&T can mount another dubious honor on its Wall of Shame. According to a cellular consumer survey conducted by ChangeWave Research, the company ranks last (along with T-Mobile) in terms of customer satisfaction. Among an assortment of negative responses, perhaps the most glaring complaint pertained to, surprise, dropped calls. The percentage of calls that AT&T drops has actually increased since 2008 (from 3.6-percent to 4.5-percent), while the corresponding statistic for rival Verizon dropped impressively during the same period (from 2.7-percent to 1.5-percent). [From: Apple Insider]
  • If you're disappointed in the amount of comments you receive from linked stories on Facebook, you might just be sharing the wrong type of information. Social networking statistician Dan Zarrella has investigated the share patterns on the site, and determined that topics with sex in the subject are, not so shockingly, shared 90-percent more often than other stories. Disproving the notion that the Internet is producing a more jaded and sarcastic generation, negative headlines are actually shared far less than positive ones. [From: The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal]
  • This summer's hottest stock tip may just be HTC. After previously leading her doting legions to Skype, to Amazon's Kindle, and to Apple's iPad, Oprah has apparently now turned her favor to HTC's anticipated EVO 4G. She recently demonstrated the simplicity and ease of the "fancy new" gadget, which won't be available to us plebes until later this summer. [From: Engadget]
  • Why, Hollywood? Are your writers so completely tapped out and densely useless that you must continue to regurgitate and decimate the classics of our youth? Crapping out a sequel to Jim Henson's perfectly awesome 'The Dark Crystal' is just too much. Well, at least it won't be tainted any further by that 3-D nonsense. Oh, $%*&. [From: Geekosystem]
  • Dealing with parents on Facebook presents a variety of obvious problems. According to a Retrevo survey, most kids choose to completely bypass those problems altogether, as 52-percent revealed that they don't claim their parents as friends on the site. [From: CNN]

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