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Nintendo Wii Bundle Gets Painted Black, Hits Stores on May 9

Last week, a Gamestop employee leaked the promotional poster for what seemed to be a new Nintendo Wii. This morning, Nintendo officially confirmed that a repainted console will indeed hit stores on May 9th, packed with a couple extras. For $199 -- the same price as the current white Wii -- you'll get the console, two games ('Wii Sports Resort' and 'Wii Sports') and the Wii MotionPlus attachment for the Wiimote.

If you're in the market for a console that's nearly four years old, the bundle offers a small price drop. Maybe now, with a black Wiimote in hand, we won't look quite as lame while wildly waving our arms in front of the TV screen. [From: Business Wire, via: Joystiq, Kotaku and Destructoid]

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